About Teatrotoc

Teatrotoc was created in 2002 as the final stage of a marionette carving workshop led in the studio of Mirek Trejtnar. That year, students in the workshop toured a short puppet show to Czech castles. Based on the success of that production, the following year we decided to perform again - this time on the streets of Prague. Audience members thanked us profusely for bringing theatre to Prague in July- a time during when most theatres have shut down - and thus an annual tradition was born.

In 2005 we brought our Teatrotoc performance to the huge Linz Street Theatre Festival, where the entire city becomes a theatre stage for a weekend. We were inspired to try to create something similar in Prague. In year 2007 Teatrotoc includes performances not only by the Teatrotoc collective - from that year, we had a every year about 75 performances by 15 companies from around the world.